Toad Eggs

When I was small, after a rain I would run outside and look in the puddles for toad eggs. I found great pleasure in grossing out my friends with the long, slimy, strings of eggs. They thought that I was weird for liking to touch toad eggs, and yet they were very interested in looking at them while I held them, When the sun came out and dried up the puddles, the eggs would dry up too and they looked like long snail trails, or snot. If the sheep or cows didn’t kill the eggs by stepping in the puddles where they were, when they hatched, the tadpoles were fun to catch and gently hold in your palm while they wriggled before gently placing them back in the water. And then when they lost their tails and became tiny frogs we would hunt in the grass and in the garden for them and see who could find the smallest one. If you have toad eggs near your house you really ought to try scaring your friends with toad eggs,and watch the toads in all their stages of life first hand. And do some research on them, it’ll be fun and interesting!

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